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Dermagraft For Ulcers

Dermagraft is a cryopreserved human fibroblast-derived dermal substitute; it is composed of fibroblasts, extracellular matrix, and a bioabsorbable scaffold.

Dermagraft is manufactured from human fibroblast cells derived from newborn foreskin tissue. During the manufacturing process, the human fibroblasts are seeded onto a bioabsorbable polyglactin mesh scaffold. The fibroblasts proliferate to fill the interstices of this scaffold and secrete human dermal collagen, matrix proteins, growth factors, and cytokines to create a three-dimensional human dermal substitute containing metabolically active, living cells. Dermagraft does not contain macrophages, lymphocytes, blood vessels, or hair follicles.

Formula 3 Anti-fungal

Topical medication for nail fungus. Only availalbe from the doctors office.

Lactinol Foot Cream

Cream for dry skin. Lactinol HX moisturizer is better for rough chapped and very dry skin as it soothens the skin.

Pedicure Kits

For personal use when going to get a pedicure.

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